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Guide to Engineering Resources

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Books & Conference Proceedings

Use ILink on-line catalog to locate books in the UAH Library. The on-line catalog may be accessed off the Internet and the Library's home page. On the home page Click Books - E-Books to reach the catalog.

Most engineering books will have call numbers beginning with the letter T, although some will fall in other areas. (See Table Below.)

Discipline Call Number
Civil Engineering TA, TC-TH
Electrical Engineering TK
Mechanical Engineering TJ
Chemical Engineering TP, QD
Industrial Engineering TS
Materials Science T, TA, QD
Engineering Management TA
Computer Engineering TK,QA
Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering TL

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Reference Books

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, guides, technical standards, etc. can be found in the Reference Area on the first floor using the call number table above. Reference books help define terminology, explain a subject area, identify important names and dates, list properties, formulae, and equations, and provide other basic information.

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Journal Articles, Conference Papers, & Technical Reports

Salmon Library subscribes to many engineering journals as well as conference proceedings and other engineering publications. To identify papers or articles on specific topics, you must use one of the engineering or science indexes. The major online and print indexes are described below. Check ILink on-line catalog to see if the Library owns a particular conference proceeding or report. Click Journals from the home page to see if the Library owns a particular journal title.

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