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Aerospace Engineering

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o        American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics -- homepage of the AIAA.

o        Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board -- homepage of the National Research Council's Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, a group that performs studies in aeronautics and space engineering and policy for the federal government.


o        Aerospace Engineering --ERAU Virtual Libraries -- links to on-line information on aerospace engineering.

o        Internet Aerospace Links -- more links to information on aerospace engineering


o        STINET (Public)-- Public STINET gives you access to all unclassified, unlimited citations to documents added into DTIC from late December 1974 to present. There are also full-text versions of all unclassified, unlimited documents recently added into DTIC technical reports collection from September 1998 to Present.

Specialized Resources

o        Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator -- an easy way to compute the standard relations for compressible flow of a perfect gas.

o        Spacecraft Avionics -- spacecraft avionics functions, models, architecture, and applications.

o        NASA Human Spaceflight -- the official site for Space Shuttle and International Space Station information, news, data, virtual tours, etc.

o        NASA Aero-Space Technology Enterprise -- information from the five NASA "Centers of Excellence" organized to spur technology and leading-edge research.

o        NASA Office of Space Science -- information on NASA space exploration, including the quest for cosmic origins and destiny.

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