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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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o        American Society of Civil Engineers -- homepage of the ASCE, including a searchable index to ASCE publications and full-text current job ads.

o        Institute of Transportation Engineers -- homepage of one of the largest multimodal professional transportation organizations; includes access to the ITE Journal, transportation standards, and professional directories.

o        National Transportation Library -- The NTL maintains a metadata repository for information about digital documents preserved in its online collection and for links to other web accessible resources.

o        International Association for Environmental Hydrology -- includes access to the electronic Journal of Environmental Hydrology.

o        National Ground Water Association -- an organization for contractors, researchers, and the public focusing on ground water quality and use.


o        EnviroInfo: Environmental Engineering Sources -- a directory of on-line resources in environmental engineering, including e-journals, databases, pollution control, chemistry, etc.

o        Civil Engineering -- WWW Virtual Library -- links to on-line information in civil engineering.

Specialized Resources

o        Lake Sedimentation Project -- descriptions and technical data from a series of lake sedimentation surveys in Texas.

o        World Commission on Dams -- homepage of the international commission; includes links to full-text dam study reports.

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