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Computer Engineering

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o        Association for Computing Machinery --home page of ACM, the first (and one of the largest) educational and scientific computing society.

o        Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -- home of the IEEE, the world's leading professional society in electrical engineering, computing technology, telecommunications, and other technical fields.

o        SIGGRAPH -- the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics, includes Computer Graphics on-line newsletter and links to computer artwork.


o        Computer Vision Home Page -- Carnegie Mellon University's collection of World Wide Web links relating to computer vision research.        

Reference Works

o        TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia -- a searchable encyclopedia of computing terms and concepts, derived from The Computer Desktop Encyclopedia.

o        The Programmer's Playground -- a collection of free, downloadable software for creating high performance, Internet-based, distributed applications.

Specialized Resources

o        Logic Programming -- WWW Virtual Library -- pointers to information on logic programming from around the world

o        National HPCC Software Exchange -- a distributed collection of software, documents, data, and information of interest to the high performance and parallel computing community.


o        Computing Research Repository -- a technical report repository for the worldwide computer science research community, maintained by ACM, the Los Alamos E-Print Archive, and the Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library.

o        The HCI Bibliography -- a searchable database of almost 20,000 resources on human-computer interaction.

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