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Stages to Saturn History Project:

The collection of audio interviews was conducted in support of the Marshall Space Flight Center's Saturn History Project. Under contract to the University of Alabama in Huntsville, this Project collected documents and interviews pertaining to the development of the Saturn rockets used in NASA's Apollo lunar landing program. The material was used by Dr. Roger Bilstein in writing the official Apollo/Saturn launch vehicle history Stages to Saturn: a Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch.

Contents: Original tapes converted to 54 CDs

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Dr. Donald Tarter Video Interviews:

These video interviews detail the reconstruction of significant social events which led to and influenced the development of the basic World War II German rocket program. Using information from the videos, Dr. Tarter presented a paper entitled Peenemunde and Los Alamos: Two Studies at the 38th Annual Congress of the International Astronautical Federation, Brighton, United Kingdom, October 1987.

Contents: 10 VHS tapes converted to DVDs

Interview subjects:

Dannenberg, Konrad K. & Reisig, Gerhard
Rosinski, Wernher K. & Hermann, Rudolf
Fagan, Jim
Muller, Fritz K.
Prasthofer, Willibald
Stuhlinger, Ernst
Hirschler, Otto
Rees, Eberhard
Tiesenhausen, George von
Zoike, Helmut

Konrad Dannenberg interviewed by Dr. Donald Tarter: 9/22/05 on the occasion of the Twenty Year Anniversary filming of Our Future in Space. The original videos are available online.

Space History Interviews:

In an effort to capture the memories of the generation who sent a man to the moon, interviews are being recorded and saved about historic work in the space industry.

Contents:  Over 40 interviews and continuing to grow!

Interview subjects:

Baker, James
Bucher, Dr. George
Buckbee, Ed
Chappell, Rick
Chassay, Roger
Craft, Harry
Doane, Dr. George
Downey, Jim
Field, Spike
Foster, Jay
Greenwood, Ron
Griner, Carolyn
Hallisey, Bill
Hembree, Ray
Horne, J. D.
Hopson, George
House, William T.
Huber, Bill
Uwe Hueter
Johns, Stanley
Johnson, Charlie
Kingsbury, Jim
Kurtz, Fletcher
First Interview
Second Interview
Lindstrom, Bob
Littles, Dr. J. Wayne
Lucas, Dr. William
Lundquist, Dr. Charles
May, Ellery
McBrayer, Bob
Middleton, Bob
Moore, Brooks
Morea, Sonny
MSFC Directors Secretaries (all seven)
Naumann, Bob
Neighbors, Joyce
Newby, Dave
Noblitt, Bob
Parnell, Tom
Pace, Bob
Paludin, Ted
Dr. Reisig Family Retrospective
Rheinfurth, Mario
Roth, Axel
Scheufelen, Dr. Klaus
Schwinghammer, Bob
Seaquist, Val
Settle, Gray
Shelton, Russell
Sneed, Bill
Snoddy, William
Spencer, Bob
Splawn, Jim
Teuber, Dieter
Thomas, John
Thompson, J. R.
Thompson, Dr. K.O.
Thompson, Wilbur
Thompson, Zack
Turnmeyer, General
Vann, Ursula
Varnadoe, Bill
Vaughan, Bill
Vaughan, Skeet
Waite, Jack
Ward, Bob
Whitaker, Ann
Wicks, Gary
Williams, Francis
Winkler, Carl
Wojtalik, Fred
Worley, Eugene
Wu, Dr. S.T.
Young, Anthony
Zeman, Samuel

Ron Creel LRV Thermal Presentation: Mr. Ron Creel worked in many aspects of the space engineering field, and specifically on the task-design, test verification, and mission support for the thermal control system of a new kind of spacecraft, the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). Mr. Creel has been invited to make this presentation of LRV history in many locations.

Aircraft Engines: Kim McCutcheon and David Hanning discuss historic Aircraft Engines.

UAH Archives Interviews:

Access the interviews of many wonderful people who have contributed to the success of UAH.

Interview subjects:

Dave Brown
Dr Royce Boyer
President Dr. Frank Franz
President Dr. Ben Graves
Marx Pales
General George Turnmeyer
Dr. John White
President Dr. John Wright

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