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Books, both print and electronic, are found in the library by checking the online catalog, Ilink. Searches may be made by author, title, subject or Words or Phrase. If there are few results for the search, contact the Reference Librarian for help in finding the best subject term or more information.


• Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms (R HK 1 .P651 2001)
• Encyclopedia of Psychology (R HK 31 .E52 2000)
• The International Dictionary of Psychology (RHK 31 .S83 1996)
• Journals in Psychology: A Resource Listing for Authors (R HK 76.8 .J68 1997)
• Handbook of Psychology (R HK 121 .H1955 2003)
• Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business (R HK 176 .T43 1997)
• Stevens’ Handbook of Experimental Psychology (R HK 181 .H336 2002)
• The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences (R HK 311 .M556 1999)
• Encyclopedia of Learning and Memory (R HK 318 .E53 1992)
• Intelligence: Tests and Reviews (Also known as Buros) (R HK 431 .A05 I5)
• Encyclopedia of Human Intelligence (R HK 431 .E59 1994)
• Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures (R HK 431 .G625 1996)
• Personality: Tests and Reviews (Also known as Buros) (R HK 698.5 .B87)
• Measures for Psychological Assessment: A Guide to 3,000 Original Sources and Their Applications (R HK 698.5 .C45) (Note: This work is useful for finding older sources prior to 1975)
• Handbook of Child Psychology (R HK 721 .H242 1998)
• The Encyclopedia of Child Abuse (R HV 6626.5 .C57 2001)
• Child Abuse: A Multidisciplinary Survey (R HV 6626.52 .C54 1995)
• Copyright Law of the United States (R KF 2994 .A1 C6 2003)
• Education and the Law (R KF 4117 .T39 1996)
• Higher Education in the United States: An Encyclopedia (R LA 225 .H54 2002)
• Projections of Education Statistics to 2009 (R L 111 .A72 1999)
• Digest of Education Statistics (R L 111 .A6 2002)
• Education Indicators: An International Perspective (R L 112 .A6 1996)
• The Condition of Education 2004 (R L 112 .N377 2004)
• American Universities and Colleges (R L 901 .A5 2001)
• Peterson’s Graduate Programs in Business, Education, Health, information Studies, Law and Social Work (R L 901 .P447 2004)
• Alabama Education Directory (R L 903 .A41 2000)
• Directory of American Scholars (R LA 2311 .C32 1999)
• The Encyclopedia of Higher Education (R LB 15 .E49 1992)
• Encyclopedia of Educational Research (R LB 15 .E48 1992)
• Education Literature: 1907-1932 (R LB 7 .A05 E3)
• 400 Quotable Quotes From the World’s Leading Educators (R LB 41 .A11 2004)
• Handbook of Research on Teacher Education (R LB 1715 .H274 1996)
• Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors (R LB 1028 .E756 1990) (Note: The online version of ERIC has a thesaurus included in the database)
• Requirements for Certification of Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Administrators for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 2004-2005 (R LB 1771 .W6 2004-05)
• Academic Keywords (R LB 2324 .N45 1999)
• The Top American Research Universities (R LB 2331.63 .T67 2002)
• The Fifteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook (Also known as Buros) (R LB 3051 .A05 BB 2003)
• Tests in Print (R LB 3051 .T37 1999)
• Literacy in America: An Encyclopedia of History, Theory and Practice (R LC 151 .L487 2002)
• Concise Encyclopedia of Special Education (R LC 4007 .E53 2002)
• Learning Disabilities Sourcebook (R LC 4705 .L434 1998)
• Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning (R LC 5211 .E52 2004)
• Social Sciences Index (1974-current) (R H1 .S64)
• Education Index (1929-1997) (R LB 1028 .E386)

Alabama State Textbook Adoption Samples

The library has been designated as a site for the public review of textbooks under consideration for the state of Alabama’s public schools (K-12). Administrators, educators, parents, and the general public are welcome to view the textbooks available for adoption by the state. They are not cataloged and do not circulate, but are readily available for viewing in the Reference area. The schedule of subjects to be reviewed annually is available from the State Department of Education’s website

Online Resources

Online resources include online journals, websites, periodical indexes and databases (which may include full-text articles), and electronic books (listed in the library catalog).
• Alabama State Department of Education (
Education: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Sociology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Psychology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Professional Development Collection
Professional Collection
Project Muse
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Physical Education Index
ASSIA (Applied Social Science Index and Abstracts)
Expanded Academic Index
Academic Search Premier
Science Direct (select Social Sciences)
Mental Measurements Yearbook (Also known as Buros)
Sociological Abstracts
Statistical Abstracts
Web of Science (includes Social Science Citation Index)
Blackwell Synergy

Super Search

With Super Search the user can search multiple databases with one search. An example of a multiple search is Google, but unlike Google, searching with Super Search results in only academic results.

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