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Books, both print and electronic, on politics, international and domestic law, criminal justice, public administration, and other topics related to the field of political science, are accessible through the library’s online catalog. For a general overview of what books are available in the library, use the search boxes for Words or Phrase or Subject. If few book records come up, ask the Reference Librarian for help determining the correct subject term to use. Also, because political science is a broad discipline, check other subject areas, such as education, science, etc. for policies and governmental information as well.

The Reference area of the library (S1) has a variety of materials on subjects within Political Science, from constitutions to dictionaries. The following is not a comprehensive list of our holdings in the subject, but a guide to general reference material. If the book is in Ready Reference, it will be found behind the Reference Desk (S1).

• Statistical Abstract of the United States (2004-2005) (R HA 202 .A3 2004-05) This is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• The World Factbook (R G 122 .U56 2005) This is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• Congressional Directory (R JK 1011 2003-04 108th) This is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• The United States Government Manual 2003-2004 (R JK 421 .A3 2004-2005) This is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• The Librarian’s Guide to Public Records (R JS 344 .P77 L53 2000)
• The Almanac of American Politics (R JK 271 .B343 2004)
• Black’s Law Dictionary (R KF 156 .B55 1999)
• Bieber’s Dictionary of Legal Citations (R KF 246 .P73 1997)
• American Justice (R KF 154 .A44 1996)
• The State Legal Guide to Nursing (R KF 2915 .N8 S73 2001)
• Eurojargon: A Dictionary of European Union (R KJE 926.5 .R35 2000)
• The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law (R K 487 .E3 N48 1998)
• United States Code (R KF 62 .A2)
• U.S. Supreme Court Digest (R KF 101 .D5)
• United States Supreme Court Reports (R KF 101 .L32)
• United States Statutes at Large (R KF 50 .A2)
• U.S. Tax Cases (R KF 6280 .A2 C63)
• Shepard’s Acts and Cases by Popular Names (R KF 80 .S5)
• Shepard’s Alabama Citations (R KFA 59.1 .S51)
• Citizenship Made Simple (R KF 4710 .Z9 K56 2003)
• Immigration Made Simple (R KF 4819.6 .K56 2003)
• Copyright Law of the United States (R KF 2994 .A1 C6 2003)
• The Supreme Court A to Z (R KF 8742.A35 S8 1998)
• Criminal Justice Information: How to Find It, How to Use It (R HV 7419.5 .C75 1998)
• Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States (R HV 8694 .P35 2001)
• A History of Political Thought: From Ancient Greece to Early Christianity (R JA 81 .C62 2000 v.1)
• A History of Political Thought: From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (R JA 81 .C62 2000 v.2)
• International Encyclopedia of Women’s Suffrage (R JF 851 .H28 2000)
• Speeches of the American Presidents (R J 81.4 .S64 2001)
• Encyclopedia of Nationalism (R JC 311 .S5484 2001)
• Presidential Elections 1789-2000 (R JK 524 .C65 2002)
• Encyclopedia of Governmental Advisory Organizations (R JK 468 .C7 E32 1998)
• Encyclopedia of the American Left (R HX 86 .E58 1998)
• A Historical Guide to the U.S. Government (R JK 9 .H57 1998)
• The Statesman’s Yearbook: The Politics, Cultures, and Economies of the World (R JA 51 .S7 2005) Older editions are found on N2
• The International Year Book and Statesmen’s Who’s Who (R JA 51 .I57 2003) Older editions are found on N2
• Washington Information Directory 2003-2004 (R JK 421 .A31 2003-04)
• Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements (R JK 1977 .O8213 2003)
• International Political Science Abstracts (1968-2003) (R JA 36 .I5)
• Index to Legal Periodicals (1961-1997) (R K 9 .N32)

Online Resources
Online resources include online journals, websites, periodical indexes and databases (which may include full-text articles) and electronic books (listed in the library catalog).
See the Political Science subject heading on the Online Databases link on the Library’s web site. The Library’s Political Science online resources include 41 databases, online journals, etc. Another source of online material for Political Science is through the library’s Government Documents link.

Suggested Online Databases:
Political Science: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Urban Studies & Planning: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Criminology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
Constitutions of the United States
Academic Search Premier
InfoTrac OneFile
Oxford University Press Journals
Web of Science (includes Social Science Citation Index)
Military and Government Collection
Project Muse
Official Documents of the United Nations
PAIS International
Public Opinion Online
ASSIA (Applied Social Science Index and Abstracts)
Blackwell Synergy

Super Search
With Super Search the user can search multiple databases with one search. An example of a multiple search is Google, but unlike Google, searching with Super Search results in only academic results.

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