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Books, both print and online, are found through the library’s online catalog, Ilink. For a general overview on a particular topic, use the Subject or Words or Phrase boxes. If the work is known, use Title or Author for the search. Sociology, as a broad discipline, may include material from other academic areas, such as political science, history, economics, communications, etc Searches in other disciplines may be necessary. If few results are found on a topic, contact the Reference Librarian for help in refining the search.


The Reference area of the library (S1) has a variety of material relating to sociology and subjects covered within the discipline. The following is not a comprehensive list of library reference holdings, but a guide to general reference material.

Atlases are shelved both in the Reference area under the G section and in C1 in the map cases (oversized).

If the book is in Ready Reference, it will be found behind the Reference Desk.

• The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2004 (R AY 67 .N5 W7 2004) This item is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• The World Factbook 2004 (R G 122 .U66 2004) This item is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• Statistics Online (R HA 33.5 .B47 1998) This item is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• Statistical Abstracts of the United States: 2003 (R HA 202 .A3 2003) This item is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• Alabama County Data Book 2003 (R HA 221 .A5 2003) This item is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• Atlas of Alabama Metropolitan Areas (R HA 225 .A78 2002) This item is shelved in the Ready Reference section.
• Atlas of Alabama Counties (R HA 226 .A75 2002) This item is shelved in Ready Reference.
• People’s Names: A Cross-Cultural Reference Guide to the Proper Use of Over 40,000 Personal and Familial Names in Over 100 Cultures (R CS 2305 .I54 1997)
• Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples and Fighting Groups (R D 25.9 .D38 1998)
• The A to Z of World Development (R D 883 .C78 1998)
• Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East (R DS 43 .E53 1996)
• The Middle East and North Africa (R DS 49 .M5 1998)
• The Far East and Australasia 2000 (R DS 335 .F3 2000)
• Encyclopedia of China (R DS 705 .P47 1999)
• Africana (R DT 14 .A37435 1999)
• Cultural Atlas of Africa (R DT 14 .C83)
• Africa South of the Sahara (R DT 351 .A37 2000)
• The Guide to United States Popular Culture (R E 169.1 D399 2001)
• American Popular Culture: A Guide to the Reference Literature (R E 169.1 .H72 1995)
• Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America (R E 184 .A1 G14 1995)
• Minority Organizations: A National Directory (R E 184 .A1 M5 1997)
• Statistical Record of Asian Americans (R E 184 .O6 S73 1993)
• Statistical Record of Hispanic Americans (E E 184 .S75 S74 1993)
• Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History (R E 185 .E54 1996)
• Historical Statistics of Black America (R E 185 .H543 1995)
• Notable Black American Men (R E 185.86.N68 1999)
• World Geographical Encyclopedia (R G 63 .E5213 1995)
• The State of Women in the World Atlas (R G 1046 .E1 S4 1997)
• Atlas of World Development (R G 1046 .E1 U5 1994)
• Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory (R GN 281 .E53 2000)
• The Dictionary of Anthropology (R GN 307 .D485 1997)
• Encyclopedia of World Cultures (R GN 307 .E53 1991)
• Ethnic Groups Worldwide (R GN 325 .L46 1998)
• Dictionary of the Social Sciences (R H 41 .D53 2002)
• The Social Science Encyclopedia (R H 41 .S63 1996)
• The Sage Encyclopedia of Social Science (R H 62 .L456 2004)
• Statistical Yearbook (R HA 12.5 U63 2000)
• Demographic Yearbook (R HA 17 .D45 2000)
• Guide to Economic Indicators (R HA 29 .E28 2003)
• Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census (R HA 37 .U55 C66 2000)
• 2000 State Rankings (R HA 214 .S72 2000)
• The Illustrated Book of World Rankings (R HA 155 .K87 2001)
• Sociology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources (R HM 51 .A2 1997)
• The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology (R HM 17 .A23 1994)
• Encyclopedia of marriage and the Family (R HQ 9 .E52 1995)
• Studies in Human Sexuality: A Selected Guide (R HQ 21 .F7 1995)
• Lesbian Histories and Cultures (R HQ 75.5 .L4395 2000)
• Handbook of Marriage and the Family (R HQ 518 .H154 1999)
• The Encyclopedia of Aging (R HQ 1061 .E53 1995)
• Parenthood in America (R HQ 755.8 .P3783 2000)
• Encyclopedia of Abortion in the United States (R HQ 767.5 .U5 P35 2002
• American Men: Who They Are and How They Live (R HQ 1090.3 .A457 2002)
• Men and Masculinities: A Social, Cultural, and Historical Encyclopedia (R HQ 1090.3 .M436 2004)
• Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers (R HQ 1236 .R29 2001)
• Encyclopedia of Women and Gender (R HQ 1115 .E43 2001)
• American Women: Who They Are and How They Live (R HQ 1421 .A486 2002)
• The International Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders (R HS 119 .A94 1997)
• A Historical Guide to World Slavery (R HT 861 .H59 1998)
• Macmillan Encyclopedia of World Slavery ((R HT 861 .M24 1998)
• Slavery and Slaving: A Bibliography (This 2 volume set covers the years 1900-1996) (R HT 861 .S62 1999)
• Encyclopedia of Social Work (R HV 35 .S6 1995)
• Encyclopedia of Women and Crime (R HV 6046 .E56 2000)
• Child Abuse: A Multidisciplinary Survey (R HV 6626.52 .C54 1995)
• Criminal Justice Information (R HV 7419.5 .C75 1998)
• Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States (R HV 8964 .P35 2001)
• Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements (R JK 1977 .O6213 2003)
• The Librarian’s Guide to Public Records (R JS 344 .P77 L53 2000)

Reference Indexes & Abstracts for Journal Articles in Sociology

• Social Sciences Index (1974-current) (R H 1 .S64)
• Sage Race Relations Abstracts (1980-2001) (R HT 1501 .S23)
• Women Studies Abstracts (1974-current; This publication is behind its publishing schedule; The last issue received was the Winter 2002 issue.) (R HQ 1180 .W65)

Online Resources

Online resources include online journals, websites, periodical indexes and databases (which may include full-text articles) and electronic books (listed in the library catalog).
Sociology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Criminology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Urban Studies & Planning: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
ASSIA (Applied Social Science Index and Abstracts)
Project Muse
Academic Search Premier
InfoTrac OneFile
Oxford University Press Journals
Web of Science (includes Social Science Citation Index)
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
African-American History and Culture
Highwire Press
Science Direct (choose Social Sciences as the subject)
Mental Measurement Yearbook
NTIS (National Technical Information Service)
Population Index
Sociological Abstracts
Statistical Abstracts
Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe- Reference
World Almanac
World Development Indicators
World Factbook (Available from the library’s Government Documents link)
Census 2000 and Census 1990 (Available from the library’s Government Documents link)
Marcive (Available from the library’s Government Documents link)
Documents in the News (Available from the library’s Government Documents link)
Women's Indicators and Statistics Database - WISTAT (CD-Rom available only in the library)
Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)
Blackwell Synergy

Internet Resources

American Sociological Association

The homepage of one of the major organizations in the field includes "Opportunity Links" to information on grants and employments resources as well as links to publicly available data resources.


A searchable site of links to various resources. The "Community" page offers a "chat" feature for online discussions.

SocioSite (Sociological Institute, University of Amsterdam)

A well organized and annotated site. From the site: "It has been designed from a Dutch point of view, but it has a much broader horizon - it gives access to the European and world wide scene of academic sociology. The intention is to provide a comprehensive listing of all sociology resources on the Internet."

Electronic Journal of Sociology

The journal's mission statement: "Because the EJS enjoys low overhead, and is published with the goodwill and hard work of its board members and peer reviewers, the EJS is free of charge to individuals, libraries, academic and commercial organizations. It is part of, and a model for, a new publishing paradigm whereby the scholars themselves retain control over all aspects of the scholarly communication process." The full text of articles is keyword searchable. (When an article is accessed, a secondary browser session is launched.)

Super Search

With Super Search the user can search multiple databases with one search. An example of a multiple search is Google, but unlike Google, searching with Super Search results in only academic results.

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