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Books in Women’s Studies, both print and electronic, are found in the library by checking the online catalog, Ilink, for materials on the subject. Because Women’s Studies materials may cover several disciplines, such as literature, political science, history, etc. a researcher may want to try those subject areas as well. If there are few results, contact the Reference Librarian for suggestions on the correct subject headings in the Library of Congress classification system.


The Reference area of the library (S1) has a wide selection of research materials on Women’s Studies in a variety of academic disciplines. The following list is not a comprehensive list of the holdings, but a guide to general reference material on women and women’s issues in the Reference section.

• Goddesses in World Mythology (R BL 473.5 .A66 1995)
• Native American Women: A Biographical Dictionary (R E 98 .W8 B38 1993)
• Black Women In America (R E 185.86 .B542 1993)
• The State of Women in the World Atlas (R G 1046 .E1 S4 1997)
• National Directory of Women-Owned Business Firms (R HD 2358.5 .U6 2002)
• Lesbian Histories and Cultures (R HQ 75.5 .L4395 2000)
• Encyclopedia of Abortion in the United States (R HQ 767.5 .U5 P35 2002)
• The Dictionary of Feminist Theory (R HQ 1115 .H86 1990)
• Women’s World: A Timeline of Women in History (R HQ 1122 .F69 1995)
• The Biographical Dictionary of British Feminists: 1800-1930 (R HQ 1123 .B36 1985 v1)
• The Biographical Dictionary of British Feminists: A Supplement, 1900-1945 (R HQ1123 .B36 1985 v2)
• Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World (R HQ 1127 .S25 2001)
• Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women (R HQ 1136 .L54 2000)
• An Index to Women’s Studies Anthologies: Research Across the Discipline, 1985-1989 (R HQ 1180 .B76 1996)
• Encyclopedia of Women and Gender (R HQ 1115 .E43 2001)
• Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers (R HQ 1236 .R29 2001)
• Encyclopedia of Women in American Politics (R HQ 1236.5 .U6 E53 1999)
• The Encyclopedia of Women’s History in America (R HQ 1410 .C85 1996)
• Handbook of American Women’s History (R HQ 1410 .H36 1990)
• Statistical Handbook on Women in America (R HQ 1420 .T34 1991)
• American Women: Who They Are and How They Live (R HQ 1421 .A486 2002)
• Women in Context: Two Hundred Years of British Women Autobiographers, A Reference Guide and Reader (R HQ 1593 .A3 K26 1987)
• International Encyclopedia Of Women’s Suffrage (R JF 851 .H28 2000)
• Women In Congress, 1917-1990 (R JK 1013 .W66 1991)
• Women’s Legal Guide (R KF 478 .W674 1996)
• Fact Book on Women in Higher Education (R LC 1756 .T68 1991)
• Women Artists in the United States: A Selective Bibliography and Resource Guide on the Fine and Decorative Arts, 1750-1986 (R N 6536 .C45 1990)
• Encyclopedia of Feminist Literary Theory (R PN 98 .W64 E53 1997)
• Feminist Literary Criticism: A Bibliography of Journal Articles, 1975-1981 (R PN 98 .W64 F76)
• The Bloomsbury Guide to Women’s Literature (R PN 471 .B57 1992)
• A Dictionary of British and American Writers, 1600-1800 (R PN 471 .D53 1987)
• Spanish American Women Writers (R PQ 7081.3 .S82 1990)
• The Feminist Companion to Literature in English (R PR 111 .B57 1990)
• Women and the Literature of the Seventeenth Century (RPR 113 .S65 1990)
• A Checklist of Women Writers, 1801-1900 (R PR 115 .A67 1990)
• Great Women Mystery Writers (R PR 830 .D4 674 1994)
• A Guide to Twentieth-Century Women Novelists (R PR 888 .W6 W44 1997)
• American Women Writers, 1900-1945 (R PS 151 .A45 2000)
• Women Writers in the United States: A Timeline of Literary, Cultural, and Social History R PS 147 .D38 1996)
• The Oxford Companion to Women’s Writing (R PS 147 .O94 1995)
• Feminist Criticism of American Women Poets: An Annotated bibliography, 1975-1993 (R PS 151 .S24 1994)
• Women Writers of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (R PT 167 .W66 1989)
• The Biographical Dictionary of Women in Science (R Q 141 .B5285 2000)
• Notable Women Scientists (R Q 141 .N738 1999)
• Encyclopedia of Women’s Health Issues (R RA 778 .G39 2002)
• Women’s Health Concerns Sourcebook (R RA 778 .W7543 1997)
• Women and the Military (R U 21.75 .S54 1996)
• Women Studies Abstracts (R HQ 1180 .W65)
• Humanities Index (R AI 3 .H85)
• Essay and General Literature Index (R AI 3 .E752)
• Social Sciences Index (R H 1 .S64)
• Art Index (R N 1 .A78)

Online Resources

Online resources include online journals, websites, periodical indexes and databases (which may include full--text articles), and electronic books (listed in the library catalog).
Contemporary Women's Issues
MLA Bibliography
Lexis-Nexis Academic
Project Muse
Sociology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Psychology: A SAGE Full-Text Collection
Science Direct (choose Social Sciences as the subject)
Web of Science (includes Social Science Citation Index)
ASSIA (Applied Social Science Index and Abstracts)
Oxford University Press Journals
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
African-American History and Culture
Sociological Abstracts
Women's Indicators and Statistics Database - WISTAT (CD-Rom available only in the library)
Highwire Press
Wiley Interscience
Expanded Academic Index
Academic Search Premier
Military and Government Collection
Blackwell Synergy

Super Search

With Super Search the user can search multiple databases with one search. An example of a multiple search is Google, but unlike Google, searching with Super Search results in only academic results.

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