About SPIE at the UAH Library

Most SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering) publications are available in print at the UAH Library. To locate SPIE publications in the library, you must convert the volume number to a library call number. Search the SPIE Digital Library to find a volume number, or simply view the full-text of SPIE publications within this database. You can use the search form below to quickly convert an SPIE volume number to a library call number, or to search in the SPIE Digital Library database. If you have any questions about SPIE at UAH, please email or call us at 824-6529.

SPIE is a not-for-profit society that has become the largest international force for the exchange, collection and dissemination of knowledge in optics, photonics and imaging. Founded in 1955, SPIE is the growing legacy of those who seek to learn, discover and innovate by building a better world with light.